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Features You’ll Love

Get Access to Insights You Can’t Get From Standard Reports

Knowing the high level view of your audience is great, but what about the actual PEOPLE interacting with you?  Who is commenting, sharing, retweeting, etc. most often?  It would take you hours (if not days) to manually compile this info.  Instead, simply drag-and-drop the “Top 10 Engagers” module on to your dashboard and bam!  Info at your fingertips.

Automatically Email Your Monthly Reports

Right now, you’re probably going out to Facebook and Twitter, grabbing screenshots, mashing them up in WORD or EVERNOTE and sending them off to your clients or stakeholders, right?  Instead, create your dashboard, enter the email addresses you’d like it to send to, tell it when to send it, and we’ll handle the rest.

Add Your Own Images and Text

Charts and graphs are awesome at painting pictures, but sometimes you need some context.  Switch Reports lets you add your own text to your dashboard to help explain your results.  Plus, you can upload your own images to make your dashboard even more extensive.  Upload screenshots of other profiles that we don’t support (yet), highlight specific post comments, whatever you like.

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Drag-and-drop charts, graphs, custom text and images into your report to create with ease and to brand it as your own.

Setup Your Autopilot Emails

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Tell us who you want your reports to go to and when you want them to go. We’ll handle the rest.

Plans and Pricing

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  • X Number of Emails Per Month


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  • X Number of Facebook Pages
  • X Number of Reports
  • X Number of Emails Per Month


  • Unlimited Number of Facebook Pages (beta only)
  • Unlimited Number of Reports (beta only)
  • Unlimited Number of Emails Per Month (beta only)

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